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  5. "It is on top of me."

"It is on top of me."

Translation:Den er oven på mig.

April 13, 2015



Why can't it be "Den er...." only "Det er..." is corret?


What do you mean? I checked, and "Den er ovenpå mig" is an acceptable answer. It's not the preferred solution (not sure if I should add it as one, since "det" and "den" are equally correct) but acceptable nonetheless.


I marked it in "choose the right answer out of 3" and got incorrect :(


Oh :( I don't know what can be done about that. Both "den" and "det" are preferred solutions now, I hope that fixes it.

You mean "choose the right answer out of 3" and both "Den er ovenpå mig" and "Det er ovenpå mig" were possible answers, and you chose both, and it said you were wrong?


Yes, that's what happened. And the correct solution was only "det" verison

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You have to tick both now.


Den is it like adjectives's the?

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Yes. It translates as 'it', but if you replace it with an article + adjective + noun, the article would be the same.
'It' = 'the big dog' = 'den store hund' = 'den' er oven på mig.
'It' = 'the big house' = 'det store hus' = 'det' er oven på mig.
Also: 'the big men' = 'de store mænd' = 'de' er oven på mig.


Yes it is confusing.. and I dont know what can be done.


So NONE of the three selections is correct?!

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