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Bug? Questions repeated by word

I just did a lesson where I got only exercises that focused on the same word. This happened after the first 5 questions where (two picture questions and 3 sentence translation/speaking questions).

I got the sentence, "the judge is looking for clues" and "we have good clues" about 8/9 times in a row. This happened on spanish course in the places skill on lesson 8.

This has happened to me once before on the lesson 9 in spanish from the objects skill with the word autobus.

I think this might be a bug, since I tend to see that normal lessons have a pattern of 2 or 3 exercises per new word, always sort of mixed up (can hardly imagine a random pick returning 8 of the same exercises in a row, though strictly speaking it is possible)

Has anyone encountered this before? I hope the duo developers can do something with this information.


April 13, 2015


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