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FYI Berlin Duolingoers

If you wanna take the Duo community to the next level we will be meeting every Wednesday at 9 in Schmittz bar at Torstrasse 90 (near U-bahn Rosenthaler platz). If you feel like you wanna share your success or struggles with your language (we all know it isn't easy don't we?), just grab a beer, meet new people or simply you're cool, you are all very welcome.

Plus this place has wifi if you wanna duo there on your laptop and other fun things (free ping pong, kicker etc.) :)

Ick freu mir DuoBerliners =)

September 11, 2013



can't wait :)

September 11, 2013


Stellar idea..wish I was in Berlin though..

September 11, 2013


Berlin Duolingoers and not only, we will meet tomorrow at the above mentioned place at 9.

In case of questions for the directions post here or contact me directly on my wall!

See you there :)

September 17, 2013
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