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Report Bugs or Issues?

Is there any where to report bugs or issues. I found an issue with the page navigation. Not a personal issue (haha) more programming issue.

September 11, 2013



Troubleshooting forum


You may also click on the 'Support' button to the left of your screen. That will send an email directly to the DL team. They are good about answering. Just be patient. I've heard that they get between 3,000 and 5,000 emails a day. :)


That's why troubleshooting forum works faster.


What has happened to the Skills Redo Lessons? I have completed several categories, but the icons do not change color (indicating completion) nor do the lessons advance to the next level (1-10). I have repeated the lessons enough times that I know them by heart. I have reported this a number of times, receive a support number, but nothing changes. Can Duolingo please fix this problem?


I'm not on the tech team, but maybe I can spot something. Can you please provide a screenshot from within the lesson that isn't letting you advance?

Also, you are at level 25. That is as high as it goes.

Edit, I have had to strengthen my skills as many as 5 times for them to turn gold. The weaker something in it is, the more effort it will take to strengthen it.


I can't post the screen shot but as an example I have completed NATURE, ABS, OBS 2 V INF, MEDICAL, PLACES, b PRES, VfUT PHR, several times and they remain red, green blue etc. I have reported it through every portal they have and have gotten a number of support tickets - but nothing happens and nothing is fixed. Does Duolingo ever look at this forum?


I am not staff, so I don't know their routines. But please only submit a problem once. There are 30,000,000 users. If everyone files multiple support tickets, I imagine it will take an extraordinary amount of time to get back to each of them.

Here are 10 lingots to get a Timed Practice from the Lingot store. Go to Strengthen Skills in one of those skills you listed and practice it 6 times for the same one. If you can get close to getting all 15-20 questions correct and it still doesn't turn gold then even without seeing a screenshot i would agree this is a glitch. But if you haven't tried that, it is possible you haven't strengthened it enough.

There are always alternative options if you feel you cannot continue without this issue being resolved. They are maybe a little extreme (a lot in your case because of your high level and streak), but they will ultimately move you forward so you can continue with your language journey which is the most important thing. For this, you can try removing the course and try re-adding it (This will remove everything including your points, levels, and streak. You would be starting over. But, now that you know this material so well, you can take the placement test to boost yourself ahead in the tree. If you pass everything, it will only get you to around level 14. But you can level up quickly through Immersion if you are a skilled translator.)

These are the last of the ideas that I have and I really hope they help you. :)


Thank you Usagigboy7 for taking the time to answer and for your suggestions. The reason that I had reported the problems several times was that this has been going on and increasing since the end of May. I am aware of the growth of the Program - I have been here for some time, and I believe that the Program is the best way to learn, and practice, the basics of a language. I use the practice lessons for reinforcement, for example, when certain verbs are followed by "a" or "de", the tense endings associated with different verbs, and the variety of translations available. By translating Duolingo articles, not only am I practicing translation, I must also "really read" the article to "fit" my sentence into the context and style of the writer. This is different from the usual "skimming" we do on an article in our native language - so, it also helps reinforce our own writing. I also read news articles on the Web in Spanish, and short stories, for practice. By responding to user problems in a reasonable time is also a part of making a program a success -- attention to detail...Even huge Toyota has found that out. So, I hope that Duolingo staff reads this and fixes the problem.


I do too. :)

I thought of something yesterday, do you know if the Words tab helps to gold skills? It would make a lot of sense and I don't imagine it wouldn't. But I don't want to give a definitive yes because I'm only using it sporadically out of curiosity. :P Using it doesn't yield anything in terms of xp or lingots. But, if it golds something then the tree might look a little more shiny while we wait for assistance.

If I come up with any more ideas or if I am able to locate a solution, I will post it here.


Well, you must have done something usagiboy7 - the contents of the "stuck" lessons have changed, and they now "turn gold" as they are completed. Thank you for your efforts.


They might have just gotten to your ticket. I'm really glad it's all working for you now. :) Buena suerte con sus estudios! :D


This time they have erased a 245 day streak. I did a lesson on one day - the streak was zeroed out the next day. I have submitted a complaint - but judging on the time it took for them to respond to other complaints, I expect little. do you have a link?


yeah, you can use this to contact support: support@duolingo.com Don't forget your username, operating system and browser. You might also include a link to this discussion. Meanwhile, keep your streak going as usual. :)


I see references to "troubleshooting forum" everywhere, yet I can't locate it. Therefore, I'll post here, and if someone sees it and fixes it - great. I'm trying to complete my daily lessons, but when it gets to "type what you hear"...there is no voice. My sound is on...I knew to check that. Thanks in advance to anyone with useful info.


Troubleshooting Forum.

Here is a look at the forums and how to find the Troubleshooting forum and other important details that could help you in the future. ^_^

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