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"Strengthen skills" button does not strengthen skills

When I press the "Strengthen skills" button, I review a lesson, and even if I answer correct, I do not get an information that I strengthened a skill (and there are 10+ skills which are not golden). Why is that?

Additional information: I have completed almost all of German lessons. So far my daily routine has been to click individually through each bubble which is not gold and only after that to go on to new subjects. This meant around 120 XP points per day in order to progress at all with new material. But recently, even 10 bubbles lose their golden color every day. This is a repetition nightmare. I thought the "Strengthen skills" button would help me to pick the most outstanding bubbles, but it does not. I have scored 200 XP today and only strengthened 2 skills.

April 13, 2015



It seems some weak words do not appear in practice (but do appear in lesson), depending on a skill. We are sorry that there is a difficulty in maintaining the color in gold. We are planning to fix this.


Thanks for the feedback Hideki, I like the pro-user approach. What I'm missing with Duolingo is a guideline how to correctly use the tool. According to the daily goal setting, 50 XP is a lot, but with that kind of XP I would not progress much with the material. Until now I have been reviewing the lessons/topics which turned non-gold, to always stay gold at the end of the day. And I never used the general "Strengthen skills" button from the main menu. But this way I noticed in the Words section, a lot of the words only have 1 bar and I guess they are evenly spread over the topics, so one day I can be forced to review 10 lessons, which means 100 XP, and what about learning something new on top? I think it would be nice if the general button combined weakest words from many lessons, so that it's easier to turn multiple lessons gold in one sweep.


I was just wondering what a blue ring around your name means


Here is a discussion with a lot of super helpful information about how the "Strengthen Skills" button works. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5487578


Thanks, I gave you a lingot for that


Would it help if you go over (redo) the lessson of the skills that you want to strengthen? Keep in mind those bubbles are a guide, and you would know more of what areas you need to work on - numbers/clothes/food/animals/plurals/adjectives/.....


That's what I've been doing so far. I clicked the non-gold bubbles.


I am also frustrated with how fast I lose gold status. I'm on a 202 day streak, and while I understand that they can't all maintain gold and I have to keep reviewing, I spent the better part of a week getting all of my skills so far to gold then came back the next day to find 17(!) back to their original color. I have spent every day since then trying to get them back up without learning any new material but I can't keep more than 2 at a time gold, for an average of 15 that are original colors. I figure this has to be a glitch, I have read other posts about it in the past. Just now I did a lesson 3 times and it didn't go back to gold even after the 3 times in a row. How can this be?? I am extremely frustrated with the program lately. Learning the language is it's own reward and my goal rather than having my tree gold, but knowing the material and that not being reflected on my tree is very disappointing.


Wow 202 is a sweet streak. I am surprised that after 202 days you have not finished your material yet. I began with Duolingo on March 1 and I plan to finish the whole German course by the end of April, I only have 3 topics left. Although I admit I'm not new to German. I feel sad actually because there is so much more to learn.

I am testing a new strategy recently. I do the timed practice 3 times and after a few minutes I have over 50 XP. Then I move on to the new material. About 8 topics stay non-gold but they do not seem to pile up.


Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try. I am new to Italian, and while I plan to complete the tree I am taking my time. Some days I can only do one or two lessons but I make sure that I keep up daily to maintain what I have learned. I read some other strategies about keeping gold that I have tried but they haven't worked, and with things getting worse I looked here to see if there was an issue with the program, and it looks like they were fixing it a week ago but maybe it's not ready yet. Until then I just keep on keepin on.

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