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  5. "Hvad vil du gøre?"

"Hvad vil du gøre?"

Translation:What are you going to do?

April 13, 2015



I translated this as "What do you want to do?" and it was marked incorrect. Is it? Why?

[deactivated user]

    If you're bored and don't know what to do, you'd ask: "Hvad vil du lave?" or "Hvad skal vi lave?"

    This sentence might be used in the following example:

    • Du må ikke tage mine blyanter! – You can't take my pencils!

    • Ha, hvad vil du gøre (ved det)? – Ha, what are you going to do (about it)?


    Mange tak, Victor. So more intention than volition?


    Thank you for this explanation. It is too bad that the hints do not give the proper answer, as they indicate it should be what do you want? This one is confusing for us non Danish speakers.


    "what will you do?"


    Is being accepted.


    I wrote "What will you do?" and "What do you want to do?" in Google translate, which I know is a crappy translation system. When I went from English to Danish, it said "Hvad vil du gøre?" and "Hvad vil du lave?" respectively. When I went from Danish to English, it gave the exact opposite translations!! So, does this mean that "Hvad vil du gøre?" can also be translated as both, or not? This is really confusing, but I have a feeling it is not supposed to be.

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