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How do I test out?

I looked on the help section and it stated that in order to test out I had to click on the padlocks throughout the home page...but I cant find the padlocks! Help!!!

April 13, 2015



In case you haven't figured it out yet:

To test out of an individual skill, you can go to your homepage and select the skill you want to test out of from your tree. (Note: All skills up to that point must be completed) At the right of your screen you should see a button titled "test out." If you're very confident, you can test out of a group of skills. The courses have built in "checkpoints" which allow you to test out of all skills up to that checkpoint.


I just don't see that button that says test out on my homepage. What am I doing wrong?!


To test out of a group of skills, you have to scroll down the tree quite a bit from your last completed lesson. This is what you should see when you get to the right place. (Number of lessons to test out of at a time will vary)


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