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Skill refuses to strengthen despite multiple attempts

Hello everybody, in the Irish course, the skill "plurals" just won't strengthen. It has been 3 days that I've had this technical problem (for it is a technical problem... I did it numerous times without any mistake). I use Internet explorer on my laptop and didn't change anything to my settings. It is the first time I have this problem. Can anyone help? Many thanks!

April 13, 2015



We are sorry that there is a difficulty in making the skill gold when doing a practice. We are planning to fix this. It is because some weak words do not appear in practice (but do appear in lesson).


Hello, thank you for answering. I did the skill several times in a row without any mistakes. And still it won't strenghthen. I think there really is a bug. I just wanted to let someone know as it can be quite frustrating. All the best.


internet explorer doesn't fit well with duolingo. i recommend you to use google chrome :)


Thank you for the advice. Still the skill won't strenghthen despite multiple attempts without any mistakes and on several navigators...

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