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How to change timezone?

Hello, me and my wife have recently moved from one city to another, and are about to move yet again. Unfortunately, our timezone in Duolingo didn't seem to follow, and day resets earlier than it should. How do we change our timezones?

April 13, 2015



What asawp said is true, although the following link suggests that there is a user script that will do it, although the instructions are in Russian. I have never used it so cannot vouch for its effectiveness. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8044096


Unfortunately, your account will always use the time zone in which it was originally created. There is no way to change it. Sorry.

I might suggest that, if you anticipate living in this new time zone a while, you create a new account when you move there and test out of as many skills as you can so you can get back up to your previous level in Spanish.


I live on the west coast, but Dulingo must be set to east coast time. Once I lost my streak because I waited until 10:00 pm to do my 'lesson'.


I have the same problem. I'm in CA and it thinks 9:00 p.m. is midnight. Oh well... I still LOVE Duolingo. :)


do you have any idea how to get a customer service person to actually respond?


No, sorry. I haven't really tried, I was under the impression that Duolingo is run by a very small amount of people. I figured they would get around to it sooner or later.


I'm ready to do todays lesson but it says it is still yesterday. Can't wait 4 hours for the program to count it as today. I have lost my streak twice now because of this problem and I understand there is no fix for this other than to start a new account. oh well, I can always use the review.


Did you buy a "Streak Freeze"? I bought that and I set my goal all the way down to "Basic" (1 XP) which makes it easy to just log in for a few minutes and at least keep up my streak if I don't have time to do a full lesson.


I did. And I didn't miss any days. There's some flaw in the accounting system in addition to the time zone issue. Thanks

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