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"Strengthen Skills" seems to be stuck on the same set of words/phrases

Does this seem to be happening for anyone else? Since the last app update, it seems like I am practicing the same few set of words and phrases no matter how well I do on it. I thought it was supposed to shuffle different words and phrases in with the next 'strengthen skills' exercise ... always used to. Now I'm in a rutt. How do I get out? Is this something the DuoLingo programmers know about?

April 13, 2015



We are sorry that there is a difficulty in making the skill gold when doing a practice. We are planning to fix this.


Seems like the app has been rolled back to the previous version now, judging by the scoring. So it is working for the time being. Thanks!


I agree. I have translated the phrase "tienes una novia" like 40,000 times.


I'll bet your skill for that particular phrase is muy fuerte.

I would suggest coming to the browser maybe every other time to switch things up for you, at least until they fix it. They assured me they are working on it.

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