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Two of my language courses gone

I used to learn both German and Portuguese, but these courses seem to have disappeared from my "learning" list in the menu on the top of the page. Do they just disappear if you don't access them for a while? I would like to start back where I left off. They do appear in the "subscriptions" list in the Discussion menu, though, but those are just links to discussion threads. Thank you in advance.

April 13, 2015



Are you learning from more than one base language? The menu only shows the courses your are learning FROM one particular language. To get to the others you need to go to "add a new course" and change the language you speak. It is confusing, but don't worry about losing any progress.


Thank you so much JeffA2, that was exactly the problem, I should've thought about it.


No, did you learn German and Portuguese from a different base language than Italian and Turkish? You will only see the courses from the base language you are currently in and when you switch back to the previous base language you will see only the courses available from that base language. For instance, I know that Turkish is only available from English, but if you learned German and Portuguese from for example Spanish, you would have to switch back to that base language to see them. You can press the blue down arrow to see a drop down list of all the duolingo courses in all the base languages: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction (Otherwise accessed by hovering over your user name, clicking on Settings, then clicking on Learning Language.)

You can however add a userscript to enable you to see all your languages at the same time to make it easier to switch back and forth. Look for Language Course Switcher (improved):


Thank you so much allintolearning, yeah, that was the problem. And thank you for the userscript tip, that's really useful, I'll definitely add it.

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