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Wait what?... when was duobot installed?

Ok so when I'm translating a document, and there's a sentence that hasn't been translated yet there's an option to see duobot's translation and wow...

...its amazing:) often it's correct enough that one can just copy paste and make a few edits and done, it's like 3 times faster than typing it anew:)

when was that put in? it's probably been there for ages and I just hadn't noticed it, but even so it's still amazing:D

September 11, 2013



Is that available to all users and all languages? Because I don't see it...


It's only rolled out to 50% of users right now.


Thanks for the answer.


Neither do I. I think it might be in earlier languages, not beta languages like Italian and Portuguese.


Is this actually new functionality or just a revision / reimplementation of the computer translation that's been used in the past? I remember translation exercises including computer translations before the current immersion system was introduced back when translations were a part of each skill progression. Part of the frustration of the old system was getting a "that doesn't look quite right" result because the idiomatic translation didn't match the word-for-word translation that the computer came up with.


There seems to be a problem with my Duobot. It translates sentences ok, but it seems to be translating the wrong sentences, I'm not sure why. Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3jgfap5d7x6p2bn/Duobot.png


This should be fixed now.


Actually, I have yet to see a Duobot suggestion recently that was for the correct sentence...it's more than a glitch.


Yeah, that happens to me sometimes. I think it is a glitch.


Woah. WOAH. WOAH!!!! So cool!! I never noticed it before! It could have been here for ages... but wow! Thanks for pointing it out! I never saw it :)


It's especially helpful for translating all those damn references in long wikipedia articles with the pain in the neck DOIs


I don't have it...

I guess that explains why all my friends are making more points than me by translating. They can do it ten times as fast!


It would be a very interesting thing to try :) I hope it will be available to everyone soon.


hehe :) duobot translates (fr) (meaning the reference is in french) to (en)...I don't quite why is find that so hilarious, but i do:D


Also, I take it it's based off the back of some google translate api? 'cause I seem to get the same sentences if i feed one of them in? just curious:)


I just saw it today, but it seems to defeat the purpose of learning how to translate. I guess it's o k to use to check. I've got to think about it.

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