"We will meet our boy."

Translation:Nós vamos conhecer o nosso menino.

September 11, 2013

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    This means we will meet our boy ? Sounds weird to me. So conhecer applies to meeting people you already know ?

    Our boy is commonly used for our son, I used "nosso filho", and I think it's a good translation.

    [deactivated user]

      I tried vamos buscar this time, still no luck. To me this sentence could mean we are going to meet our boy (at the airport) so I think buscar works here.

      It could also be ... (at the restaurant) which would be more encontrar, but conhecer, well I suppose if it was the first time, then it's fine, but sound less likely to me.


      "Nós vamos encontrar nosso menino" seems a much better translation. "Conhecer" has a very strong sense of "knowing" that does not seem to apply here.


      Unless she is pregnant and is about to give birth to the couple's new son


      Or the boy is being returned to the couple five years after being kidnapped at birth by the Cookie Monster.

      By the way, thanks for all your good contributions to Duolingo Portuguese.


      Hahah foi engraçado!!


      This is the only situation that I could think of, if not by Cookie Monster.


      I'm sitting next to a Brazilian that told me it'd be extremely acceptable, albeit informal, to say "a gente vai conhecer nosso menino", can someone chime in on this?


      Or if they adopt a boy hehe!! Ugh the use of the "o" always gets me...it was still correct but I keep forgetting


      My Brazilian friend told me that it sounds more natural to omit the 'o' in cases like this. I was glad to hear it, because coming from an English perspective, it's a pain to remember to include it! I wonder if other Brazilians agree?


      On the other hand, in Portugal you have the use it.


      I am not the only one!!


      In Spanish it is "Nosotros vamos A CONOCER..." I guess it is a different rule in portuguese because i got wrong "Nos vamos A CONHECER..."


      In Spanish: ir + a + inf

      In Portuguese: ir + inf

      You just have to get used to it.


      I make the same error again and again.


      Reported filho 20/11/15

      • menino = boy
      • filho = son


      a gente vamos conhecer o nosso menino IS WRONG? WHY?


      A gente vai conhecer...


      Is it incorrect (as DL says) to translate as "Nós vamos conhecer o menino da gente." ??? Deepl says it's fine. I think I should have clicked Report instead...

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