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Khan Academy courses in French, Spanish and Portuguese

You can do free online education through Khan Academy at https://www.khanacademy.org/ in English, Spanish French and Portuguese. A lot of their video content is in English right now, but with optional subtitles. This means you can listen in English while watching the subtitles in your learning language. This is very helpful because they delve into much more specific topics than Duolingo does. For example, if you are learning French for business and you work in finance, you can take finance courses in French through Khan Academy and learn the associated vocabulary.

Happy studies!

April 13, 2015



There are pages set up for non-English speakrs, too. For instance:




gives examples of their naming scheme for French and Russian. There are similar pages for Spanish, Italian, and others.


People like Sal Khan and Luis von Ahn make this world a better place!


I can't seem to find any language related content on the website.


It's not about languages. It covers all kinds of other contents BUT you can change the interface language to English, Spanish, French or Portuguese. That means you can e.g. brush up your biology knowledge in French. It's just like watching movies with subtitles in your target language. Just more educational than most movies.

And it should be really useful to learn specific terms that aren't taught on Duo. Maths, biology, finance, arts, programming... Whatever!


Wonderful, thanks a lot, have a lingot.


YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! I do khan academy, and this could help me with my laguages! thank you for posting this!!!!!!


And Coursera has tons of courses in different languages with subtitles. Just choose the language in the left column here https://www.coursera.org/courses


I was going to mention Coursera and saw you already had. I've only taken one of their courses but it was top notch.


I just realized that last night and was debating whether or not to start in French. But it looks interesting - and my Algebra can use come brushing up. Thanks for the link!


Thanks! I will try that. :)


I found out this lately also when I started learning intensively economics and computer science in Khan Academy, some day they will have even videos for every subject. Maybe that's a mission for me from the destiny.

[deactivated user]

    thanks. have a lingot


    Thanks for the info


    I also use khan academy but just for math, but I am now I am going to check it out, but duolingo is pretty good for learning languages on, but thanks


    The lessons are great. We should have lessons where the instructor speaks in French and the student writes it in French language and translates it into English!

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