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"Mine studerende skal bruge en ny metode i dag."

Translation:My students are going to use a new method today.

April 13, 2015



This "skal bruge" thing is confusing to me. Wasn't there a question where they use it to mean "need"? Something like "Jeg skal bruge dine mål..."? Or am I just mistaken?

[deactivated user]

    In this sentence, at skulle (= skal) is used to talk about the future.

    • I morgen skal jeg vaske tøj.

    • I morgen skal jeg købe en bil.

    In your other example, it is used to imply necessity

    • Jeg skal bruge dine mål = I have to use your measurements = I need your measurements

    The two overlap in their meanings, since talking about the future also implies a form of necessity/intention


    Thanks, but what confuses me is whether (and when) "skal" means "shall" or "will", and when it means "have to" or "must".

    • Jeg skal bruge dine mål = I have to use your measurements = I need your measurements

    • Mine studerende skal bruge en ny metode i dag = My students are going to use a new method today.

    Why is one "skal bruge..." translated as "have to use (your measurements)" and the other as "are going to use (a new method)"? In English, "have to" and "shall/will" are two very different concepts. It seems to me that there is not such a clear difference between the two concepts in Danish, but if that's the case, couldn't "Mine studerende skal bruge en ny metode i dag" also be validly translated as "My students need a new method today"? (Though, admittedly, that's a weird English sentence because it doesn't say what they need the new method for.)

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    Hi, since the vocal recorinds aren't available anymore, could you describe what change in the intonation please ? Thanks a lot :)


    I would have translated " are going to use" with " skal til at bruge" instead of "skal bruge". You are right, "skal bruge" means "need to use".


    Because of 'skal': could you also say 'my students are to use etc.'?


    This is the basic idea here, yes. I don't know if Duo takes it, though.


    Yaaaay exciting!!!!


    Which translation of "skal" will be accepted is a crapshoot. I picked "need" because it was first in the hints, haha. Psyche!


    How common is it to still use 'studenter' instead of 'studerende' ?


    I think a more correct translation of "going to use a new method" would be "skal benytte en ny metode".

    "Bruge / have brug for" is to need something, whereas "benytte / at benytte sig af" is to use something actively, e.g. here a new method.


    "At bruge" and "at have brug for" mean two different things, "use" and "need" (meaning 2), respectively.

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