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  5. "We ran from the people."

"We ran from the people."

Translation:Ritheamar ó na daoine.

April 13, 2015



if 'na' were "an" then "ó" would be conjoined with "an" to become "ón"? I know this is was explained in a previous lesson, but I tend to learn better through repeated use.


Yes, ón is ó an.


It is a little confusing since "people" is a collective singular noun in English, and daoine is plural in Irish. It would be clearer if "persons" was used as a translation, but that's not the common English way of saying it.


I wouldn't have thought "people" would typically function as a singular collective noun in English. E.g. People are talking (not is). It's what the people want (not wants). I guess it does sometimes function collectively, but I wouldn't say it's the norm?

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