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  5. "I will go to sleep."

"I will go to sleep."

Terjemahan:Saya akan pergi tidur.

April 14, 2015

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'i will go to sleep' does not imply any movement, so 'pergi' is wrong'.

The correct translation is 'Saya akan tidur''.


You are right!

The confusion may come that in some languages, it means both "going to bed" and "falling asleep", in English, it's "going to sleep" = "falling asleep", not going to bed. In French for instance, aller dormir = aller au lit = going somewhere in order to sleep.

I think "pergi tidur" = "pergi ke tempat tidur".


kurang natural klo ditambah pergi.... lbh natural saya akan tidur


It's more Malay than Indonesian. Saya nak pigi tidur is acceptable in Malay, but this one is uncommon in Indonesia.

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