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How do i read the articles given to me at the end of the lesson?

After finishing a lesson, it gives me a percentage of how much of the articles i can read. then asks me to try. i am unable to actually view the article and try. does anyone know how to see it and try it out?

September 11, 2013



Can you tell us why exactly you can't try them?


I guess you were referring to the 'translate' Immersion. When you click to read, you will enter a new page where you can find an article, there's a switch button on top allowing you to start translating sentence by sentence. You will receive points ranging from 1 up to 10 (or more) by submitting your translation for each sentence. Hope this helps.


thanks! i found it! i just figured there would be a link to this section from the page that told me to try translating.


Actually, it would be convenient if there was a link to the actual article (or an actual article) from the page that says "try translating this one" after a lesson. I am inclined to click on it after doing the lesson, which would be more convenient because I don't want to go to the immersion tab where I have to choose an article.

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