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  5. "Él ganó las elecciones."

"Él ganó las elecciones."

Translation:He won the elections.

April 14, 2015



Is this plural or just how they say it? I looked it up on Spanish dictionary and their example is plural as well.



https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph "ganó las elecciones" is only about 5 times more common in Spanish books than "ganó la elección" which means both are likely used. But undoubtedly since it is more likely we would say a person won a single election in English and the inverse is happening in Spanish books it must mean Spanish does in fact use the plural often meaning a single election in the English sense of the word. I think some one commented before that votes in different regions/cities/states/precincts/etc can be thought of as separate elections (he won Florida, and Texas but not New York) and the combined results can be thought of as plural.


Rocko, The use of the plural in elecciones works the same way in French. You have explained it very well, no need for me to elaborate.


Just as a different way to look at it, elegir means to choose or select; after all the voters have made their choices or selections or elections the results are compiled, and it takes a bunch of these individual elections to get the job. But the easier way to look at it is that elections are like vacations--singular in English but plural in Spanish.

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