Esperanto Survey Results!

I'm glad to be able to close the survey and announce results! (I know that for some, it may seem a little late, but I wanted to allow plenty to get in a response.)

In general, I will show each part of the survey, and give a little commentary on it. I'm interested to see any discussion that might spark up from this!

PS: I am not a moderator for the Esperanto course! I saw a few people 'thanking' me, and I just wanted to make sure you all knew! You can see the course creators on the Incubator page.

Note: In my summary, I use the word "number" a lot. Please be aware that "number" could be swapped with the word "percentage."

Summary of Responses

I did expect this as a response. Most users are naturally quite interested when a new course is announced!

Users were not only interested, but (close to) the same amount had plans of finishing the course in its entirety!

Answers were spread a little on this one-- but the "universal" nature/purpose of the language seems to win in the way it attracts most users.

Much more users than I expected did research or prior learning with Esperanto, nearly equal with the number of people interested in the language from question 1, even though not the same number planned to finish the course.

This actually had surprised me a little- my assumption was that those learning it would be learning it for the purpose of teaching others or absorbing in the culture. This number also aligns with the number of people planning to finish the course.

These numbers could be split into two parts-- 0-2 and 3-5. Those two groups generally resemble the ones within the group in number.

Obviously, the days closer to the announcement of the survey received more answers. I got a total of 343 responses for this survey, which in my opinion was a nice number, although not nearly as close to the number of people who applied for the course.

Lastly, I'd like to highlight some comments I got in the optional comment box!

"I'm very looking forward to travelling via the Pasporta Servo in the remote future."

"- it's not politically neutral (it's based almost entirely on indo-european languages, and all the colonial baggage that comes with that) - it's not gender neutral (in many cases male is the default) If I'm to learn something claiming to be an attempt at an IAL it needs to be at least those two things."

"I'm extremely excited and eager for the Esperanto course. Esperanto interests me because of it's purpose of becoming an international language, it's ease of learning, and the culture surrounding it. I also think it sounds beautiful. I've been interested in Esperanto for about a year now, and I've made three attempts to learn it. I feel very motivated this third time because I'm learning it with a friend. When the Esperanto course comes out, I know that my learning will be expedited and I can thoroughly learn Esperanto in a way that's comfortable to me. -rhythmixed"

"I love Esperanto, but it can't be the international language as it is right now, it needs some changes to make it easier and more fair, for example, for women"

"Esperanto may have been a good idea when it was first invented, but now we already have a universal language - English. An Esperanto course is indeed interesting to those with linguistics as a hobby, but even so I find that it is far more useful and fun learning languages that evolved on their own and that also have a culture and history behind them."

"I believe this is the most important move thus far in order to spread the language, ever since its creation! Dankon!"

"esperanto esperanto esperanto esperanto esperanto esperanto esperanto oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy"

I chose these quotes from the comment section generally based on whether they made a good positive point or a good critical point. If anyone sees their response posted up here and would like it removed, just let me know on my stream!

With that all typed out, I can't wait to hear any discussion on the results, or even your own individual summaries/thoughts!

April 14, 2015


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Also thank you from the Esperanto course team. Hopefully this survey will help us, thanks!

April 14, 2015

You are very welcome!

Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to put this survey together and post the results! :) I enjoyed taking part in your survey! Very excited for this course. :D

Many people don't seem to understand what "politically neutral" means. Esperanto is politically neutral because no political entity is pushing it for its own political or economic advantage . The origin of its lexical items which are 80% Latin is a different issue. Claude Piron wrote an insightful article entitled "Esperanto: European or Asiatic Language"

This is a very interesting article, and thanks for the information! Have a couple lingots.

This article is a gem, I'm going to have to print this and really dig into it later.

While i wasn't on duolingo when esperanto was announced but it was the biggest reasons i joined! That was back when esperanto was only around 20% done. Irish has been keeping me company mostly while waiting. I am waiting with baited breath for Esperanto, i done many memrise courses and can't wait to talk to others in Esperanto on discussion and with my sister and any others i can convince to learn it

Wow, so cool to hear you joined Duolingo because of our course! We'll do our best to make it worth it for you! :-D

I understand it takes time to make the course but that doesn't stop me from checking if the percentage has gone up any. I think that's because once it hits 100% i can pretend it is coming out any day. But in reality i know it will probably take a few more weeks before it's done. We all have to have dreams right?

Well, I certainly don't want to take away your dreams! ;)

Esperanto course was one of my two reasons :)

What was your other reason? Klingon? ;)

Well, no, because there were not Klingot for that moment. Second reason was German.

It comes as no surprise that a high percentage of the people willing to finish a survey on Esperanto indeed have some interest in it, but the answers to question 3 and 5 are interesting. Nice touch with the graphics too! :)

Your finding about the reason for learning are interesting. But who knows, maybe during the process of learning the students will find some another interesting parts of Esperanto, then just hobby.

Thanks for your work with this research. I have almost no interest in Esperanto, and I was still fascinated by your findings.

I wrote the 4th note, is it correctly writen? English isn't my mother tongue

As someone who isn't English native, I guess so.

Yes, it is correctly written! :)

Thanks for sticking my comment up there! Your survey was very interesting and insightful! Thank you for making it!

Where was this survey done? I would have loved to take part

thanks for this it was an interesting read

Good job! That was a really interesting survey!

I am curious as to where and when I was first introduced to Esperanto, because when I found it on Duolingo, it jarred some old memory, and I took to it rather quickly. Curious.

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