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"She is coming back from Brazil."

Translation:Elle revient du Brésil.

5 years ago



I have made a note of "Il revient de Bordeaux," now this is "Elle revient du Brezil." So when is there always an article with a country?

4 years ago


Yeah, I'm a little puzzled over that too.

4 years ago


I had this as a multiple choice, and it refused "Elle retourne du Brésil." Is there some reason why that isn't correct? (I take for granted that "return" and "come back" are synonymous.)

5 years ago


Revenir= To return to where the speaker is

Retourner= To return to not where the speaker is

IMO, if you use retourner, it can't mean "come back", cause the speaker is not there to welcome her : )

4 years ago


I don't really understand why sometimes Brezil is assumed to have an article and sometimes not.

5 years ago


It does have an article here. 'Du' is a contraction of 'de le'

5 years ago


Yes, but WHY does it have an article here? When does one use an article in front of a country and when does one not use an article?

4 years ago

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I think it has to do with how the country was historically perceived. We still have a few "the" countries in English, like The Netherlands and The Ukraine (which has been gradually changing to just "Ukraine") and The Argentine (which is something folks used to say 75 years ago). Brazil originally got its name from a kind of wood that was grown there, so "Le Bresil" was probably short for "The land of Bresil wood".

9 months ago


When to use du and de?

6 months ago


Is "Elle rentre du Brésil" possible ?

3 years ago