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"Hoeveel aantekeningen heb jij gemaakt?"

Translation:How many notes have you made?

April 14, 2015



Would 'how many notes have you taken' also be correct?


Quite definitely! :)


How does "aantekening" compare to "briefje"? They both seem to translate into English as "note". Are they interchangeable, or is each one specific to some context?


I was wondering the same thing. And would love for a native speaker to answer.

But from what i gather from google translate, "briefje" is more like a memo, voucher or bill... whereas "aantekening" is more like a record, an annotation or a memorandum. I don't know if that's true. But think it may be helpful for context.


I would say that 'briefje' is a diminutive form of 'brief', which means 'letter'. So it's the kind of note you leave someone as a message, whereas 'aantekening' would be the notes you take at school or during a meeting. At least that's what I understood :)


I think aantekeningen is more for when you are taking notes on something, and briefje is for short messages

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