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  5. "Ha una mano sul petto."

"Ha una mano sul petto."

Translation:He has a hand on his chest.

April 14, 2015



Why can't it mean that "She has her hand on her breast." ? Breast is given as an option. Or for that matter 'his hand on her breast' or any combination? I ask only to try to keep abreast of how the language is used.


"She has her hand on her breast." would be possible although I think for the female breast "seno" is preferable.

  • his hand on her breast or her hand on his breast instead are not correct. With parts of the body and clothing you can omit the possessive pronoun only if the part of the body/clothing belongs to the subject. (obviously without further context)

Ho preso il portafoglio. I have taken my wallet.

Ho preso il tuo portafoglio. I have taken your wallet.

Ha una mano sul petto (so without possessive pronoun it's her hand on her chest or his hand on his chest or a hand on his/her chest)


sandrabruck: I've got to hand it to you - you really keep abreast of these things well, earning a lingot for skirting the tricky issue of what HIS hand is doing on HER breast in the first place. For my part, I think he should keep his hands to himself and turn his attention to learning Italian. . On the other hand the sentence gives added meaning to the phrase "hands on learning".


This section is medical, so maybe someone is prepared to administer CPR, or is checking for respiration possibly? Thanks for the clarification on whose hand it might be! Possessives have been tricky for me!


Is this equivalent to the English "hand on heart"?


No, "mettersi una mano sul petto/sul cuore " is similar to "hand on heart" .. be honest, be loyal

If you want to check Italian proverbs "modo di dire" you can use the wonderful site of the journal "corriere della sera" .. on which you can search by keywords (tipo "mano" "cuore" "petto").. Unfortunately it's entirely in Italian.

"mettersi una mano sul petto":



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