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"Record" button disabled (grayed out)

In every lesson, when it comes to record my pronunciation of certain sentences, there is a problem with "Record" button. It keeps unavailable (simply hidden) for 1 second after the lady speaks what I'm supposed to speak. Then the button suddenly comes out, but in a grayed out style, unable to be clicked. As so I'm unable to record my pronunciation. I've been unable to progress my learning because of this and I feel very demotivated. At first I was amazed with Duolingo but this has been a serious drawback. I've checked both Flash Player, Google Chrome and Sound Devices settings, regarding the internal microphone I use. All seems ok,a s I'm able to use Skype as normally.

I've reported several times this problem to Duolingo staff through the left side feedback button.

How many of you experience this?

May 13, 2012



Yes, I've been having similar problems. I suppose there's some problem with the flash plugin. In many lessons, the button doesn't even becomes red, and I have no choice but to click that I don't want to use the mic.

There's also the fact that if I refresh, I have to start the lesson from the very beginning, and not from the part of the lesson where I was.


I have the same problem, restarting my computer seems to solve the problem temporarily. This is very annoying.


Solved. Used a VPN certificate (and username/password) from VPNBook that you can get from here [ http://www.vpnbook.com/#features ], and used it over a VPN client called OpenVPN, whose link is also there. Both are free of charge. I guess this way I circumvent my local network restrictions. Try and see if it works ;)


For whoever needs an update, also try changing browsers. Record does not work for me in Firefox. But it works in Internet Explorer. It is most likely an outdated flash install for my Firefox. Try updating firefox or google "how update FLASH." Great feature now that it works :)

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