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  5. "Can we drink wine?"

"Can we drink wine?"

Translation:Pouvons-nous boire du vin ?

December 20, 2012



I wrote: "Nous pouvons boire du vin?" and Duolingo claims that sentence is wrong even though it is not. Now I have to restart :(


I wrote the same exact reply - "Nous pouvons boire du vin?" and Duolingo said it was wrong!


Duolingo only seems to allow inversion here. It's weird and I can't see any grammar rules requiring it.


Exactly. In French there are 2-3 possible constructions for any question. For this example we can add an inflection to the end of a statement and have it be perceived as a question just like in English.


09MAY14, still will not accept "nous pouvons"


Me too. It's still marked wrong as of 16 Feb 2014. sigh It doesn't seem I'm progressing much today.


boy do I know THAT feeling


the struggle is real.


I know it should be correct


Why is it "boire" and not conjugated to "bouvons" ?


Salut nikiasha! It's because we already conjugated the auxiliary verb, pouvoir (into pouvons), so the second verb remains in the infinitive.


Merci FrenchCrazy


"Wine", with no article, indicating the general sense of any wine of no particular type or instance, is translated as "le vin". "Du vin" means "some wine", but as English can be quite an ambiguous language, "wine" could also be an acceptable translation (though not the best).


I have been taught in other French classes that 'nous pouvons' and 'pouvons nous' are interchangeable and would read 'we are able to/we can' and 'are we able/can we'. If you use the latter, you need to raise the pitch of your voice at the end of the sentence to indicate that it's a question.


I'm not complaining, but the strange thing that happened to me was that I wrote "Pouvons-nous boire du vin," and the "Another Translation" that was offered was, "Pouvons-nous boire du vin." Lol. Am I missing something?


So I tried to be very polite and wrote Pourrions-nous instead of pouvons-nous. I think it should be accepted for such a slight variation in semantics.


There are 3 ways to make a question in french! 1. intonation, that'd what i used! 2. Invertion, that's what would be the only right anwser, but it's not! 3. A question that starts with a questionword like, what; why; which;... So why is invertion the only correct anwser?


Why is the answer not "Pouvons-nous bouvon du vin"? I thought boire means "to drink" which doesn't seem to come from the English sentence.


Why is boire used in this sentence? Is'nt boire translates to "to drink"?

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