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You're on fire. Continue your 94 day German streak on Duolingo‏... what?

This mail just fell in my inbox. I wonder why though.

  1. I've already fulfilled my daily goal of 20 experience for today twice over

  2. I first started the German tree 4 days ago

  3. There is nothing left to do in the German tree for me; it's completely gold (I already speak German reasonably well so I blazed through it in a very short period)

Why was this mail sent? Sillyness about my 94 day streak being a "German streak" aside (it's all French, a language I've never actually spoken outside of high school), shouldn't Duolingo only send reminder mails if you haven't reached your daily goal yet?

April 14, 2015



If you've reached your daily goal, but did not do so by practising German, I believe it will still send you a notification if you're signed up for notifications about German. You can unsubscribe from those here.

The notifications are not affected by the state of your trees, but congrats on finishing yours! :)


Ah, I didn't know there were separate checkboxes for different languages! I've turned the German one off for the time being, now. Thanks for the heads up!

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