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"Du mit dem?"

December 20, 2012



"You with that?" does not make a whole lot of sense to me. What would be a practical situation where one would say something like "Du mit dem?"

  • ( die Situation ; drei Personen ) zwei Frauen ( Sabine, Claudia ) und ein Mann ( Peter )
  • Claudia kann Peter nicht leiden und hat noch nie viel mit ihm geredet
  • Claudia erzählt ihrer Freundin Sabine, dass sie (Claudia) mit Peter im Kino war
  • daraufhin Sabine ganz erstaunt: "Du mit dem?" ... mit dem, den du gar nicht leiden kannst
  • edit: "you with that guy?" "du mit dem Kerl?"


Great, that's a great example, thank you! If dem can be either that or them, then I can see how it could be used. I didn't know dem could be both, but it makes sense now.


Dieta, thanks for the wonderful examples! So, does the appearance of "dem" here have a possible connotation of making the object a bit less personal? And is there a clear grammatical rule with a clear right or wrong?


The platform says a correct translation is "You with him?". Wouldn't it make more sense to say "Du mit ihm?" instead of "Du mit dem?". What is the context in which this question is used?

  • it is a matter of accentuation
  • a situation in which "Du mit ihm?" fits is
  • a dancing studio with some girls and boys ( learn dancing ) and a dancing master
  • one girl is a little shy ... and the teacher says "Du mit ihm?" "Du mit ihm - vielleicht?" "Möchtest du mit ihm tanzen?"

if the teacher would say in this situation "Du mit dem?" - ... would sounds unpolite


Thank you, makes more sense now :)


Wenn '...Du mit dem - kerl?'... das ist richtig. Danke dieta.


Why can't i say it means "you with it"? I know "it" is "es", but still, it may have the same meaning as "that".


it sounds demeaning. Or condescending. lol


Warum ist es nicht "Are you with them?"


them is plural ... and the plural German counterpart to "Du mit dem?" is "Du mit denen?" "Du mit ihnen?"


usefull link, thanks


that explains why I got it wrong...thanks


how in the name of God can dem be him when the answer says that??????

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