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"The hacienda"

December 20, 2012



hacienda is not a word in english. Please change to farm!


The word "Hacienda" describes the typical farm of South American countries. If "hacienda" is not English, then "pizza" isn't either. Translating it as "farm" does not seem too far fetched, does it ?


It is true that most of the words in modern English are not original English words, but rather borrowed from other languages. That's why linguists have referred to English as a "bastard language". However, I think all who have questioned the use of the word "hacienda" in this particular case have a good point. "Hacienda" is not necessarily a word that most English speakers use on a daily basis, whereas "pizza" is. It seems more like an oversight on the part of the Duolingo folks, rather than something intentional.


Could you provide citations for the claims that "most" English words are borrowed and that "linguists have referred to English as a 'bastard language.'" I know of the book by McWhorter but haven't heard of any other linguist using this term or considering English to be exceptional to other languages in this regard. Thanks!


Don't be silly, nearly every English speaker knows what pizza is but not what hacienda is


In English it used to refers to the Spanish style farms especially in terrorites formerly occupied by the Spainards.


Maybe in the USA where there are many Spanish speakers and they are bordered by a whole continent of Spanish speaking nations. I'd say knowledge and use of the word hacienda in most other English speaking nations is rare.


Shouldn't "hacienda" be "farm"? Last I checked, "hacienda" is Spanish, not English.


I agree that while many English speakers know the word hacienda, it has not been adopted into English.

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I agree with everyone else.


Bret - we will have to accept the dictionary, but its use is still not appropriate here - as it says Spanish speaking countries - Brazil is not a Spanish speaking country and never has been. No matter what the dictionary says, it is jarring to me to see hacienda used in this way, but I am Canadian and we have less Spanish influence on our English than American English has.


Hacienda is not a commonly used word in English. When learning a new language it is better to use common words. The number of comments on this topic illustrates this.


I agree 100%, but I would add that most of the nouns introduced up to this point are not actually common. So I would say that the real problem is not, as most of these comments suggests, that Duolingo uses a less-commonly heard translation of "hacienda" instead of something more common like "farm," but rather that a term as uncommon as "fazenda" even comes up at all this early.


agree with the previous comments. at best hacienda is a farm house. not a farm.


Maybe this is an American versus the rest of the English speaking world issue. Pizza is used everywhere, hacienda is not. Would you call a large farm in the US a hacienda - I think not - therefore it is not been adopted into English the way pizza has. At best it is a marginal or obscure word in English.


You would probably not call a ranch in the U.S. a hacienda, but you would call a ranch in Latin America a hacienda, even speaking in English. Look it up in an English dictionary and it will most likely say something like "a large estate esp. in a Spanish-speaking country."


Merriam-Webster: : a large estate especially in a Spanish-speaking country Oxford English (British and American): (in Spanish-speaking countries or regions) a large estate or plantation with a dwelling house.

If you think a more common but less precise term should be used then by all means argue that. But the fact is that "hacienda" has been adopted into English and is the most correct word considering the context (Brazilian Portuguese).


I was wondering if hacienda was a Portuguese word or not. lol


This word has its version in Polish language too, but this is the very first time I see this word lol. I needed to ask uncle Google what hacienda is (I even hesitated whether it's a portuguese or english word), anyway, I 've learned something new and that's the point of this site, thanks for attention.

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