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How do I get rid of my daily goal setting. I never set a daily goal, but it appeared on my account.

April 14, 2015



I'm pretty sure you can't, but you can set your daily goal to 1xp, which is effectively the same as not having one.

edit: to do that just click the on the gear to the right of "daily goal."


Not really because an ENORMOUS circle 1 inch across shows up + my streak in large numbers (which already shows up elsewhere) and number of hours left in the Duo day. None of these are of any value to me and I'd like to remove it.


I actually didn't set a goal. I was using the app on my iPhone when I had a 43 day streak going. The next time I used the app, my streak was gone and a had 10 point xp set for me. I never set the daily goal. Every time the little bubble popped up to set a daily goal, i ignored it and went on to the next lesson. I don't know how I got the daily goal. Right now I have it set to 1 xp, but thanks.


Something similar happened to me yesterday. However, this may be an A/B test as not everyone has had their daily goal set auto-magically.

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