Losing Streak

Hi everyone, I was at ninety-nine days of a streak, and had got ten xp winning a level that day. When I was just about to get to 100xp the next day, it said I had zero xp from the past 2 weeks, even though that is not true. Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, could the duolingo staff please look into it?

April 14, 2015


My streaks keep resetting to zero even though I have not missed even one day since I started on March 23rd. I also have met at least the minimum required lessons every day. I have sent requests for help directly to duolingo but have not heard back yet. Yesterday was my longest streak at 13 (I think). Then this morning it was back to zero. Very frustrating. Please advise.

Three times (including today) my streak has disappeared, though I have not missed a day. I have emailed Duolingo and posted on FB. I have received 'nada' in response except for those annoying auto-emails that assure me someone will be in touch. I would love some resolution here!!

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