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  5. "Kvinden er fra Norden."

"Kvinden er fra Norden."

Translation:The woman is from the North.

April 14, 2015



Hoo boy... I ran into issues with Norden in Swedish, too. But before I start, let me make sure I'm right about this: is Norden in Danish the same as Norden in Swedish, where it's not really 100% translatable but most accurately means the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland)?


Yes, that is what it usually means


Is that why it is has a capital N? So if I am writing "the north" (eg the north of the city) in normal usage, it would just be lower "n" (norden)?


I'd agree with this. Never heard Norden refer to anything else but the Nordics. While the accepted 'North' here (given caps) probably implies that meaning (rather than the wind direction), the accepted translations should perhaps also include 'the Nordic Countries' or 'the Nordics'


I'm pretty sure, yes. I put "the Nordic area" because she can't be from all the Nordic countries, and "North" is a bit vague (Yorkshire? Winterfell?). It told me I was wrong.


So is it

Hun er fra nord : She's from the north

Hun er fra Norden : She's from (one of) the Nordic countries


(Always assuming, of course, that she's not from the town of Norden in Germany, or one of a number of smaller places called Norden in England and the United States!)

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