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  5. "We walk with you every day."

"We walk with you every day."

Translation:Siúlaimid leat gach lá.

April 14, 2015



I thought "leatsa" and "leat" were effectively the same thing, with the first being more emphasis...(reminder: i use the android app and therefore have little access to the lessons and hints) grma in advance!


You're correct. leatsa is the emphatic.

Siúlann siad leí gach lá ach Siúlann muidne leatsa gach lá


So how do we differentiate whether it is leat or libh?


leat is referring to one person, libh is referring to two or more people.


Agreed. One of the answers I tested incorrectly in was wide open in terms of whether it was singular or plural. I reported the question "I walk with you" Is "Siúlim leat" the only response? Thanks


"I walk with you" should accept both Siúlim leat and Siúlim libh.

I think some recent change at Duolingo has broken something, and valid alternative answers sometimes being rejected, but until people start taking screenshots that demonstrate these issues and flooding the Troubleshooting discussion with them, I don't know if the Duolingo engineers will even notice that there's a problem - they certainly won't see any of the complaints in sentence discussions.

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