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Duolingo App for Kindle Fire

I have attempted to download Duolingo android app to my kindle Fire with no success. Has any other Kindle Fire users successfully downloaded the app?

September 11, 2013



We'll have one very soon!


Good to know, I was going to get my wife a tablet for our anniversary but I wanted to make sure Duolingo was available on it (any plans on a version for the Surface?). Kindle fire seems the best way to go for her, but when I saw no duolingo on it I started looking elsewhere. If this is on the market in the next month she'll be getting a fire!


How soon is soon, you replied 2years ago


I have tried too, but unsuccessfully.


If are are at all technical/have root on your device, you should consider adding the Google "Play Store" to your Kindle Fire. The Play Store has far more apps than Amazon carries: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2365224


yes! I was able to access it today!

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