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Tutorial for New Users

We have all seen many, many, questions of new DL users who are posting lots of inquiries on discussions. I think it would be great to add a tutorial for new DL users welcoming them to Duolingo and showing the users around the website, explaining how do do different things, and definitely showing them to a FAQ where common questions are asked. Suggestions anyone? Also, feel free to put your input about what you think should be put in the tutorial! :)

September 12, 2013



And, of course, Duo needs an FAQ. This has been suggested before, of course, but people keep asking the same questions in Discussion, and it would be nice if someone guided them to the answer instead of having to repeat it.


I believe this is already being worked on.


Yes especially stuff like 'add language x' to which someone always replys 'tools for users to add language courses are being developed (and will probably be added 12th Oct 2013 ;) ). Also they could have a tutorial in the apps that also tells you about the website (which I had no clue about for my first 3 weeks on duo).


This is a good idea many websites do this where they show you how to set up your profile and show you how to do some basic features. If there were some sort of tutorial I would suggest that is covers the vocabulary tab very well. I was using duolingo for like a month before I figured out I could study my vocabulary words one at a time.


go to vocabulary and you can click on the words and practice them. If you click on the word vocabulary it will organize them from weakest to strongest instead of most recently used. You can also look on the right side and select one of the kills you have covered and study each word of that skill.


i am going to try it now


I agree, but it seems that Duo is very much into the inductive, figure it out as you go, learn by making mistakes approach. Simply telling people that drop-down hints are not an ordered list of correct answers would be nice.


Well, it says hints not (correct) answers, which seems clear enough. But it could be an information for a FAQ.


I think that a lot of people would pass the tutorial after 2 or 3 explanations. Because when they start, they want to practice, make exercise not to know (at this moment) how to post a message, search in the message etc...

So I think a well done FAQ is necessary but would be enough.

If you have ideas for the FAQ : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/781395 as (quickly) said by pinkduckling.


There is a small tutorial now for new users. But only for learning lessons.


I agree this would be very helpful.


Well they do(sort of), because my brother just joined and he took a (sort of) tutorial that told him how to do the exercises, and it also told him how to add friends, etc etc


I think it would also be cool if DL create video lessons as well as interactive (Like Khan Academy).

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