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Strengthening French demonstratives?

Does anyone know if there's something wrong with the French "Demonstratives Part 3" section of the tree? I've done the lesson a million times and it doesn't seem to want to strengthen, even though I've basically got the whole review memorized at this point.

April 14, 2015



Duolingo users have been experiencing some skills that have refused to straighten. I hope you will be a little bit patient and hang in there. I know the Duo team is working hard to fix all problems! :D

EDIT: Hopefully it will be fixed soon, as I have experienced it a bit as well.


Duolingo added new words to some of the French lessons and you cannot strengthen those until they have been redone.


I've been having a similar problem over the last few days with French Demonstratives 2. Do you know if this issue has been resolved or if there's a solution I can try?


My issue eventually just resolved itself. Sorry, wish I could be more helpful.


That's alright. Thanks for the input:)

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