"C'est une femme intéressante."

Translation:She is an interesting woman.

December 20, 2012

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[deactivated user]

    Why not "That is an interesting woman"?


    If, interessante, also means, attractive, and were talking about a woman here, wouldn't it make sense to put, She is an attractive woman, yet I got it marked wrong?


    I feel like the use of interesting in English does not have the same meaning as it has in French. Most of the times, in English when people call something "interesting" there is a bit of a negative meaning to it, like that thing/person etc.. is a bit weird. Whereas I think in French it has a more positive meaning, like it is/she is intriguing, curious etc... I have never heard anybody use "interesting" for defining and attractive woman (I speak American English).


    The attraction here is intellectual. Cet homme est intéressant, ce livre est intéressant, ce concept est intéressant... all mean that the subject caught your intellectual attention.

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