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"Jeg elsker både min kone og min datter."

Translation:I love both my wife and daughter.

April 15, 2015



is the second possessive strictly necessary? (is "jeg elsker min kone og datter" acceptable? "mine kone og datter?")


It is most common to use both the first and the second possesive. "mine kone of datter" can't be used.


Is this the daughter that is filthy and you have chains for?


I realize that it's archaic, but it seems to help me get the sentence structure more easily if I compare them to Shakespearean english. So, I'd think this sentence would be analogous to "I love both mine wife and mine daughter". With that said, it seems another, more modern translation would be "...my wife and my daughter." Does that sound right?


Once again ‘I love both my wife and daughter’ is wrong when I write it and
‘I love both my wife and daughter; is right when Duolingo writes it. Do we get free psychiatric support with these lessons?


When do you use både vs begge?


Funny thing: if you put a comma after 'både' it becomes "I love boats, my wife and my daughter"

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