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  5. "Are they at work?"

"Are they at work?"

Translation:Er de på arbejde?

April 15, 2015



Could you also say "på arbejdet?" In the previous sentence, the correct answer was "Han spiser morgenmad på arbejdet." Is there any difference?


I'd like to know this too.


I think "arbejdet" is used when we know what the work is so we refer to it as THE work. But in this sentence it seems like we don't know what the work/job is.


I saw in another comment that:

'arbejde' means work 'arbejdet' means workplace


While this is true, they suggest that it should be "Er de på job?" which translates to "Are they at their workplace" which in short may be shortened to "Are they at work?". This being said, I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to say "Er de på arbejdet?" however I'm Swedish so danish grammar is still a little difficult to understand


Duolingo said previously that to translate as på arbejde was wrong and this is the next sentence when it says it is correct. Their sentences need correcting as they confuse everyone!


If what zeyneparman says is correct, then "Er de på arbejdet?" would be asking if they are at work in the sense that they are at a particular location, rather than in the sense that they are engaged in an activity. Both would be correct translations of the English sentence, as fas as I can see.

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