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"Meu irmão está na primeira série."

Translation:My brother is in first grade.

April 15, 2015



In European Portuguese, instead of "primeira série" one would use "primeira classe" or, more colloquially, "primeiro ano".


... which is more understandable to many people than "série"... (((


When I was in first grade in Brazil 57 years ago it was "primeiro ano" and I have a picture to prove it

[deactivated user]

    Brazil too

    Estou no primeiro ano Estou no oitavo ano


    Exactly! Without a context, series should be accepted. He could be in the first series of exams or employment or. . . . . How was I to know that he was in first grade?


    The levels of education that use "grade" in AmE - 1st grade, 2nd grade, etc. - use "serie" in Brazilian Portuguese. "first grade" = "primeira serie". It's a different phrasing.

    In any case, whenever you think your answer should be accepted, but isn't, just click "report a problem" - "my answer should be accepted" under the question and the course contributors can take a look at it.


    How would you say that my brother is in the first series of some new TV show?


    Why put 'series' in the drop down menu if it is wrong


    The hints give you common translations for the words. They don't take into account the context of the sentence, though, so not every hint is correct in every sentence. You have to pick the best option.


    There is no context. Therefore, "series" should be accepted.


    But there is a context! In brazilian portuguese the word "série" has different meanings: 1: School succession: annual division of the studies in a course (grade or school year). 2. movie or TV show broadcast in parts (see Brazilian series) In the context of the sentence is clear that we are talking about school succession and not about tv show.


    sim, é que aqui no Brasil, quando falamos: "Ele está na quinta série", ou "Eu passei para a sétima série", automaticamente entendemos a palavra "série" como "quinta série do ensino fundamental", ou "sétima série do ensino fundamental", por isto é "série"


    In Canada, we say Grade One (or Grade 1.) It's not accepted as of today, so I've reported it for adding. (Nov. 28, 2015.)


    Still not accepted, and again reported, although a subsequent sentence in the same strengthen exercise did accept Grade 8 for ottava série


    Feedback to editors: Grade is only used in N America for a person's school year- this appears as the only form in too many test books confusing too many students of English. In UK, your grade means your score in the test, e.g. A, B, C grade etc. failing to make both forms available leaves a path ripe for confusion. Thus "year" or "class" should also be accepted.


    You have to use the "report a problem" button to give feedback and suggest other answers. The course contributors don't read the forums.


    I tried, but there is no applicable category, nor a free text option.


    Huh, there usually is. You might want to e-mail support@duolingo then.


    I get it ceaer. I didn't click on "my answer should be accepted" because I wasn't sure that it should be. Sometimes I get frustrated when I don't have a context and have to randomly pick an answer, knowing I have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. If I happen to pick the right one, I have learned nothing. Duolingo tells me I am correct and I still have no idea what I have just written. Now that you explained the school system it makes perfect sense. Thanks for that.


    The answer given is meaningless to English ears


    Indeed, I believe it would be "Year 1" in the UK and Australian systems.


    In America, we say first grade. I believe in Canada it is grade one.


    I still don't know what this means, not knowing how the American education system translates into the British one - year one is for 6(ish) year olds here, what about America/ Brazil?


    First grade in America = six years old

    Primeira série in Brazil = looks like seven years old, if I'm reading this right: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ensino_fundamental


    UK English doesn't use "grade" for class or for marks. You are in the 1st/ 2nd year etc and you took an exam which you passed , getting a very high mark.


    Série does mean series, so why is it marked wrong. DL is far too single-minded for it's own good. I'm fed up with it!

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