"Do you drink wine?"

Translation:Bois-tu du vin ?

December 20, 2012

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No previous question demonstrated buvez-vous as a possible answer. I want my heart back.


hear, hear. but i got it right, because only one has wine.


Did you not notice that buvez-vous was milk not wine?


Buvez-vous is formal of bois-tu. Literal translation is Drink-you.


But only one answer has wine. So no refund for you.


2 answers have wine, because two are correct.


Agree with the others, the "buvez-vous" had not yet been introduced.


They did not show me how to use buvez-vous, and I want my heart back!


while this question was not difficult to figure out. There was absolutely nothing prior that tells me how this syntax makes any sense. directly translated, I assume its something along the lines of "drink wine, you do? but its kinda hard to say seeing as I've yet to encounter any syntax education. really hope there is some to come.


But there are different sets of questions. For instance, on one question "wine" appears in two answer choices. On another question only one answer choice has "wine".


And the question notes that there can be more than one answer - so not knowing the verb or subject of the question, sticking to mark all answers with "wine" as the object (and not the ones with "milk") should make you pull through.


Well, that's one way to help us remember: force a mistake!


On the question where wine appears twice, I don't understand why the answer can be both buvez-vous and bois-tu. any help?


It's because like many languages, French has both a formal and an informal way of saying "you". The "tu" form is informal, "vous" is formal. But they hadn't taught us that yet (thus, all the griping). :)


I hope this means im learning french correctly.


But isn't vous referring to multiple "you" persons? This question is one you would ask a singular "you". So bois-tu should still be the only correct answer right?


well, do you drink wine? can mean: do you (informal singular) drink wine? do y'all (informal plural) drink wine? dost thou (formal singular (out of use in english)) drink wine? do ye (formal plural (out of use in english)) drink wine vous can refer to all of the above except the first so basically, if you want to be polite and/or you're talking to a bunch of people, you use vous, if you're talking to a friend or such you use tu


I have been robbed of a heart. Let's see burez-vous introduced before asking about it yes?


One of the answer choices is "Bois-tu du eau?" I was just wondering if that sentence alone is correct. I mean, shouldn't it be "Bois-tu d'eau?"


buvez-vous is the proper way to ask. Easy to mistake it in a familiar based learning situation I suppose.


It means that the answer can be "buvez-vous du vin" (choice 1) or "bois-to du vin"? (choice 2). Then why my answer is false/wrong when I choose number 2?


it clearly was the only one which said wine


the "du" is not ever translated here, now is it?


Lol, everyone talks about hearts and points. I don't even understand the grammar


Buvez-vous du vin?

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