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Me es algo molesto esto ... (This somewhat bothers me)

Algunos de ustedes ya saben muy bien que durante estas dos semanas pasadas he hecho un esfuerzo para ayudar a los hispanohablantes con dudas sobre inglés en el subforo "Sentences."

Me hubiese gustado decirles que fuera a continuar esta práctica, pero estas siguientes palabras chicas que aparecen bajo "Términos y Condiciones de Servicio" me hicieron dar un frenazo ante la posibilidad de secuelas rotundamente inaceptables por causa de mis actividades para la comunidad.

"As between you and Duolingo, all data and information generated from your access and use of the educational activities made available on or through the Service, including translated content generated by you (collectively, the “Activity Data”), shall be exclusively owned by Duolingo, and you shall not have any right to use such Activity Data except as expressly authorized by these Terms and Conditions."

"By using the Service, you hereby assign to Duolingo any and all rights, title and interest, including any intellectual property rights or proprietary rights, in the Activity Data."

Por estas palabras el sitio y su dueño reclaman el derecho de apoderarse de todo lo que he puesto aquí en modo explicativo sobre la gramática inglesa y los significados múltiples de las varias palabras de vocabulario que pueden ocasionar tantas dudas aquí. Reconozco su derecho aunque lo veo algo áspero que quisieran aprovecharse de mi mientras ayudo a sus participantes.

Sin aun el derecho de copiarme lo mío y pegarlo en bloque electrónico de apuntes para una mejora y un pulido más tarde, y siendo profesional cuyo ingreso se deriva de no sólo la traducción pero también del impartir de lecciones particulares de tanto mi idioma natal como mi idioma adoptivo, no me encuentro listo para simplemente rendir mi capital intelectual a trueque del honor de seguir jugando al tutor. Sin embargo, estoy sumamente agradecido de que haya otros que seguirán repartiendo tal ayuda.

Se ha dicho mucho últimamente sobre el desencadenar de información. Creo que, en inglés, se ha puesto por duoLingo mismo "… enabling a wealth of language-shackled information to be liberated for all of humanity. It's called duoLingo." Hay siempre cadenas, esposas, y grilletes, por lo visto, la cuestión siendo quién los lleva puestos.

September 12, 2013



Legalese...we should fix this soon. We don't mean to own your explanations.


Luís, thanks for responding. Altering the Terms would definitely take a load off of my mind and most likely those of others were they to contemplate the possible complications. Again, thank you.


Some of you know rather well by now that during the last two weeks I have made an effort to help Spanish-speakers with questions about English in the "Sentences" subforum.

I would have liked to have told you that I would continue this practice, but these following words that appear under "Terms and Conditions of Service" made me stomp on the brakes before the possibility of completely unacceptable consequences caused by my activities for the community.

[Insert DL fine print here]

By these words the site and its owner claim the right to take control of everything that I have written here in an explanatory mode about English grammar and the multiple meanings of the various vocabulary words that can create so many questions here. I recognize their right even though I see it as somewhat harsh that they would want to take advantage of me while I'm helping their participants.

Without even the right to copy and paste my stuff in an electronic notebook for later improvement and polishing, and being a professional whose income is derived from not only translation, but also from giving private lessons in both my native language and my adoptive language as well, I don't find myself ready to simply give up my intellectual capital in exchange for the honor of continuing to play tutor. Nevertheless, I'm extremely thankful that there are others who will continue giving out such help.

Much has been said lately about unchaining information. I believe that, in English, it's been written by duoLingo itself that [marketing blurb from video]. Apparently, there are always chains, handcuffs, and shackles, the question being who wears them.


This is an interesting issue.

My guess is that the "fine print" was boilerplate text.

I don't think Duolingo is in business to put Clyde_the_Camel out of business. Their intent is to foster communication. I might be a Pollyanna, but it makes me happy.

But, I can understand why they put in that fine print. It's not to attack Clyde, but rather to keep people from copying willy nilly stuff from Duolingo and then, presenting it as their own.

So, my guess is that they are trying to protect the material they wrote themself, and eventually also protect the user created language lessons. I'm hoping that they never realized that the discussion boards would fall under "Activity Data."

Having said that... I still don't understand why Duolingo doesn't have the discussion boards under a Creative Commons.

P.S. I'm not a lawyer :(


What?! You're discounting the validity of my paranoia?! ......................... :D

Luís, if you're reading this, I swear I won't run off with any of the finer products of your algorithms, although I'm very tempted by the idea of impossibly anthropomorphized animals doing uncharacteristic things with common household items and beverages. I'll leave that up to Reddit and the Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/shitduosays


I did say I was a Pollyanna.


Just so that everyone has an equal contextual footing.



Seeing as most of this text is in Spanish...why didn't you post this in the Spanish section? :P


Because it's not about the Spanish language per se. It's about Duolingo's Terms and Conditions of Service. IMHO it's appropriately located.


But it's in a language not everyone is learning and can understand. In that sense it becomes exclusive to a particular group. (Kind of defeats the purpose of "General Discussion" doesn't it?) And that is never fun. But okay, if people are going to downvote my, what I thought to be a neutral comment, I won't say anything more. :)


Hay que postear en español y en inglés!

You have to post english and spanish!


Vale. Si de verdad lo piensas necesario y rentable, lo haré.


yes I can see what you are saying cloud, even a lot of the learners here won't understand it anyway if they are new to the language, he's probably just writing it in here for the team to see.


I agree with this chick. I don't know who she is, but she seems to be a nice person


Estoy de acuerdo con ''Cloudhorizon''. No sé quien es, pero parece ser una buena piba.. che!


Lee el hilo entero antes de dar respaldo y razón a un participante u otro. Si te has identificado siendo nativo de inglés es imposible empezar un tema en el foro de hispanohablantes. Responder, sí, pero empezando algo es imposible. Saixandra lo intentó y no pudo por mucho que quisiera.


@cloudhorizon (FWIW, I ticked you back up to 0)

I would have posted this there, but the site isn't designed to allow English speakers (or at least those who have identified themselves as such) to start threads in language-specific General Discussions. In order to have done that I would have had to have gone back to the beginning and said that I was a native Spanish speaker looking to learn English. Nonetheless, I've generated a number of followers and friends from that portion of the site who will hopefully see this in their streams and understand my silence in their forum.

C, thanks for the 25¢ breakdown, you encapsulated it well.


Clyde, you can sneak into the Spanish section by finding a Duolingo user that frequently posts on that board. I use Babella to get me to the English boards. Rspreng is a prolific poster to the Spanish boards. (I hope neither minds me using their names.)

Are you going to post this on the (Spanish to English) General boards? I didn't see it there, when I snuck over.


If you feel like doing so, you have my permission to cut and paste it and provide a link back to the original. I'm not quite so crafty as to engage coyotes to get me back and forth across the border. Hey, I made a funny!


Interesting interesting....

Although I can respond to a discussion on the (Spanish to English) forum, I actually can't post a new discussion to that forum without changing the language I'm learning.

So, I tried, clyde_the_camel, but I failed.

But, it also explains why you posted it to the General section, you really don't have a choice without changing the language you have Duolingo set for.


In a few words, yep, and nope.

I doubt that very much will come of this, but at least you and C and a few others will have made sense of it and understand my motivation.

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