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"Ne vois pas ça comme un rôle."

Translation:Do not see that as a role.

September 12, 2013



I feel like a better translation in English could be "Don't look at this as a role" but alas, it wasn't accepted.


What does this even mean? What context would you use this sentence?


But, "Don't view it as a role," Is accepted.


Instruction from a director to an actor.


I am an actor. Have not had this said to me, and sounds unnatural.


hmm, but why would they ever say this though? why shouldn't you see something as a role if you want to, it sounds like a bit of a snarky thing to say:(? like you've been an extra before, but don't see that as a role. Sounds like only an unreasonably mean director would say it:(


I think it should be "Do not see it as a role." It is something a director might say to an actor if s/he wants the actor to 'live the part' -- e.g., act authentically -- rather than seeming like she's acting.

For example: "Jim, you're overthinking it. You keep thinking about what your character would do and how your character would act. Stop thinking so much. Don't see it as a role. Just respond naturally."


Many times when ships have been sinking, I have been advised that the captain has fled and they want me to fill the position of going down with the ship. I always respond with ....do not see that as a role (for me).

Any Duo students planning on cruising on a renovated Costa Concordia or sister ships in the Costa Cruise line, would be well advised to have this phrase ready to spring forward, to save themselves from possible embarrassment (or death) from misunderstanding.

(Very) early in my working career I had the job of putting firing pins in bombs. True. Somebody had to do it. Anyway, if someone were to ask me to do that now, I would say ...do not see that as a role. Then I would say ....Ne vois pas ça comme un rôle...just to make the point.


if so than 'as a part' should also be accepted. It wasn't, but never mind :)


How about "Do not look at motherhood as a role. See it as a calling"?


Very nice, Jolynne!


@jolynnedougherty Parfait ! :-)


A much more useful word than a "role" could have been found!


This is going to be a very useful sentence in the future...


Who knows about one's future? ;-)


I think this would have made much more sense (in english) if it had just read "ne vois pas ça comme TON rôle" - americans say this all the time.


Why is there an accent on "rôle"? Would "role" be pronounced the same way? Thanks!


rôle is pronounced like "jaune"

robe is pronounced like "pomme"

In the old days, you could find it written "rolle" or "rosle" or even "roul(e)". This was unified as "rôle", the circumflex replacing the extra letter.


Duo should have a sentence with the answer when a phrase is a colloquialism.


can I not say : 'Don't regard…'?


So the "s" appears to be dropped often in the 2nd person imperative (tu) but sometimes it's not dropped. Why?


The "s" is dropped in the 2nd person imperative for verbs of the 1st group, ie those ending in -er in infinitive.

Why? I have no clue.


C'est comme ça. Merci, ça m'aide.


If this sentence was not in the imperative category, could it be interpreted as "I do not see that as a role!" Anyway, it was marked wrong--but, is it technically correct?


No, because in indicative, pronouns are mandatory.


Thanks for the answer, Sitesurf. I'll need to learn more about indicatives. Taking Spanish at the same time and quite often pronouns at the beginning of a sentence are understood, thus not explicitly stated. It would not be wrong to include the subject pronoun, but often unnecessary. I must have that model in mind when I included "I" in the answer. Still learning!

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