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Which language do you guys think has the coolest looking writing system?


I assume that most people will say Chinese or Japanese, but my vote goes to Korean.:) I think 한글 looks awesome and it's logical too. I plan on learning Korean via Duolingo after people make a course for it.

September 12, 2013



I agree, Korean has a pleasant, logical appearance. To me Thai is the coolest; it's got a sort-of fairytale look to it: อักษรไทย. So loopy!


I agree, Thai looks like writing you would see in a fantasy or sci-fi movie :)


My vote goes to Korean, too. It is so beautiful in its simplicity and underlying logic. It is also one of the fewer writing systems that was conceived from scratch and thus bears no developmental baggage.

From the perspective of a language learner, nothing beats learning the IPA utility-wise, though.

And as a stenciled warning on a wall or a makeshift sign, nothing beats a string of cyrillic letters, followed by an exclamation mark.


Thai, no question. I don't know how hard it would be to learn it, but it sure looks cool!


I don't know it, but you might find Amharic interesting.


I love the look of arabic writing. It's like a tendril, so beautiful. It gets especially hillarious once they write it unornamental, I once saw a sign on a gas station that essentially was a curl and a long line, and it was supposed to be a whole word.


This is not some sort of elitism, because I can read four or five different writing systems to varying degrees, and I have a compulsion to learn them all, but I actually like the Latin alphabet. Its big clear shapes are nice and easy to read, and each different letter has a strongly contrasting appearance. Greek and Cyrilic alphabets also share those traits, but the fact that the Romans managed to copy Greek alphabet and get it wrong, only for the Russians do it again hundreds of years later... well that is kind of annoying. Big picture guys, big picture.

Arabic may be beautifully written, but it's a strain to read at small sizes, and in some types of writing it is almost wilfully obtuse. Devanagari and other Indian writing systems are lovingly elaborate and exhaustively detailed, but sort of fail at the goal of being easy to learn and simple to write. Some writing systems are purely political creations to show the particular country is quite capable of being independent, while missing the irony that you write something in order to share it with as many people as possible - in contrast, 99% of countries that use the Roman alphabet are completely indifferent to the fact that it was made in Italy, and spread through Europe at the end of a sword. Chinese glyphs are as old as history itself, and are both visually beautiful and incredibly rich in culture and history, but are almost impossible to export because of their mind boggling number and their limited practical appeal outside of China; And if they weren't quite difficult enough, then there's Japanese, which is a beautiful style in its own right, that has slowly evolved from successive waves of pragmatism, but is weighed down by its own multifaceted complexity, which stems from it being more of a sentimental and conservative creation, an act of devotion, rather than being a purely practical construction.

All of that said, if I was able to push a button and have every writing system in the world replaced in one instant, I'd probably choose Korean too. It would need some extra letters, and more relaxed rules in order to work for every other language, but the fact that it is a logically constructed syllabary that takes half an hour to understand sort of makes every other system look childish...


The Amharic script is very interesting and incredibly unique. አማርኛ መማር በጣም እፈልጋለሁ።


I'm also trying to learn Amharic. The Ge'ez script is really interesting. (my other favourite script is the Georgian script)


Arabic or Georgian.


Chinese is just incredibly beautiful. Chinese calligraphy is truly an art. I don't think any other language has the pure artistic beauty that Chinese has. It's logical and gorgeous.


How about cuniform?

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