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" muitos hóspedes neste quarto."

Translation:There are many guests in this room.

September 12, 2013



"There are lots of guests..." should also be accepted.

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Muitos - many, lots of.

Your answer is correct here.


It never suggests that quarto means room, it states bedroom though. Is there another word for room, or do I have to figure it out by context?

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Quarto refers both to 'room' and 'bedroom'.

You could be more specific and use 'quarto de dormir' for bedroom.

But in the example which we are discussing just use the most appropriate option. The alternative 'There are many guests in this bedroom' conjures up images of a somewhat swinging party.


Those are the best parties ;)


At least in Brazil, "quarto de dormir" is not a commom expression, and "quarto" usually refers to only bedrooms indeed. A word for any room in the house would be "cômodo" (pt-br) or "cómodo" (pt-eu).


Inglenook -guests ???


Wrote: there is a lot of guests in this room" Obviously marked wrong even though it is used colloquially. Anyway im learning portuguese here so pls dont take hearts for making minor mistakes in english.

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