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Can duolingo please include a timer for exercises?

Or, could you point me to where we can give suggestions?

April 15, 2015



You can get a timer in the lingot store when you have 10 lingots. The timer is forever and for all languages once you buy it.


... is it possible to turn that off? Is it turned on forever? ... bit scary ;)


You only use it when you choose to use it - immediately prior to each practice.


You will get option for both timed and un-timed practice after buying this. And based on your preference you can choose either of them.


I read some posts ... people have problems with that. One E.g https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1402015

Are you sure that it's possible to completely disable that option?


So far as I am aware, there is no way to disable it, but you can simply not choose that option any time you want to practice without being timed. I use both options regularly.


I got a timer befor. It is for ten lingots.


yea go to the store and you do not have to use it can only if you want

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