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Recent decrease in writing/to questions?

I've noticed a sudden drop in writing questions (i.e. English -> German where German is my target language).

On a recent exercise via the web interface I did 21 questions and I only got 1 written question, the rest all being reading and listening. This seems to be generally the case for the past week or two.

This is quite different than over previous months where a more balanced ratio of reading/writing was the case with there being 3 or 4 writing questions on average.

At the moment, I'm finding the reading/from quite easy, but finding writing more of a challenge and would really desire more writing questions, especially when trying to get declension correct.

It might be that I'm part of an A/B trial, in which case I'd say that reducing the ratio of writing questions is not a good idea as I don't feel like I'm progressing that much.

It'd be nice for an enhancement to allow the user to increase the ratio of writing questions, especially for those of us towards the end of the tree.

Is there any way to restore the old behaviour?

April 15, 2015



I've had almost no English -> Italian translations for months. I think it's a terrible idea that they've reduced native -> target language translations, it's such a massive determent to learning. you can ignore most of the grammar when doing target -> English since you can pick out the main words and translate from that, but when doing the other way it's important to know which preposition to use, which auxiliary verb in past tense (in Italian), etc...

Weird thing is though I started the Italian -> English course and again I'm getting all Italian -> English translations. Perhaps it's just an English thing...

I don't know how a website as popular as Duo can think this is a good thing... I'm sure they have all sorts of A/B stuff to back it up, but there is no way that not doing native -> target translations is beneficial.


I have been getting a lot of select the words exercises on the app recently. I would like have an option to get more writing exercises.


I've noticed that recently as well! Yesterday I didn't get any writing questions, apart from one word translations. I agree, writing is more challenging - it would be nice to have more of those questions. It might just be coincidence, A/B testing or something! I do like the new layout without the hearts now that that's on the app, though!


I have noticed a similar thing.

It's pretty annoying. I'm currently at the point of the tree which is heavy on grammar and I could use some more sentence building practice.


I am experiencing this too. It's either a pedagogical mistake, or a bug. We should be able to select all typing if we want to.

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