"They eat the baguettes."

Translation:Elles mangent les baguettes.

December 21, 2012

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shouldn't it be ILS MANGENT and ELLES MANGENT ? They eat the baguette is vague and doesn't really tell us if it's masculine or feminine ...


In English, "they" is used for males and females, but in French you should specify by saying ils/elles.


Is the correct answer only "Elles mangent les baguettes" because baguette is feminine?


Article "Les" is masculine or feminine so baguette is indeed feminine but that does not change the article.

"They" can be feminine or masculine or mixed. So when you translate "they", you can say "elles" or "ils" until you get another hint that the persons eating the baguettes are men or women.


Actually I think there's a problem with this question. I selected both the "Elles" and "Ils," options, but was informed that only the "Elles" answer was correct.

Then, a subsequent question in this lesson asks to translate "Ils mangent les baguettes" and the answer is "They eat the baguettes." Which contradicts the earlier question.

I'm confused... or the question is not configured with the correct answers.


The reason "Ils mangent les baguette" was incorrect was because baguettes was not made plural in this sentence versus "Elles mangent les baguetteS"


You're right...


m11 zipora210

That has been corrected. Elles and Ils are both accepted in the multiple choice question. Since they are both accepted I assume that they are now both required.


I didnt accept it when i clicked both.


Elles and Ils were both accepted when the rest of the sentence was correct. As hhn95 noted above, in one the questions the issue in the option was later in the sentence.


Why is this not Elles mangent des baguettes? Why les instead of des?


"The" translates in "le/la/les" for nouns that are defined (definite article). It is not "a number of baguettes", but "the baguettes" (the ones they bought, the ones on the table...)

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