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Me Voy! Using Spanish in the real world.

I've been on a Duolingo binge for the past month in order to learn enough Spanish to visit Mexico for Mexican Independence Day.

While I'm sad to lose my 20 day duolingo streak; I'm excited to practice my Spanish out in the real world!

So thank you Duolingo staff and community for your endless help and passion for language learning.

Wish me luck!

September 12, 2013



A BIG tip if you´re a native English speaker: English doesn´t care about the vocals, it´s all about the consonants. Spanish is the exact opposite: it doesn´t care about the consonants, it´s all about the vocals.

We native Spanish speakers mess up everything constantly because we just don´t feel like taking the effort to talk properly every time we open our mouths. That means it doesn´t really matter if your grammar is faulty because we´re used to lousy grammar - it´s very easy to pass information as long as you know a few words related to the topic you´re interested in.

The key is the pronunciation. Speak slowly, try to mark properly the strong syllables and, the most important tip, say clearly every vocal. Many foreigners try to talk with good grammar but using the vocals as if it was English, and the result is that nobody knows if they said "a" or "e" or "o". It´s much harder to understand.

Have fun!


Good advice! You mean to say "vowels" instead of "vocals" though.


This is indeed good, helpful advice! I have had comments on 'my Spanish vowels' several times. Thank you, Mapos!


Awesome! And good luck! I Hope you enjoy yourself!


Well. you can always buy Streak Freeze ;) Good luck there.

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¡Que tenga un buen viaje!


taste all food , all the buzz tequila, mezcal, don't be afraid..which state of Mexico you are visiting ?


I'm going to Central Mexico to the state of Zacatecas and will be traveling around a bit.


wo zacatecas is nice, hope u enjoy the show the marichis and regional shows, have a safe trip, im from monterrey mexico

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