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"Awesome" tag quirk

I often click on the little "Awesome" tags associated with a friend's accomplishments. When I do that the tag turns green and looks something like this in my own stream:


If I happen to visit my friend's stream the same tag looks like this:


At first sight (if I don't hover over the word to reveal my username) because the tag is not green I think I have not clicked it. When I do, of course, I cancel my previous click, so I have to click it again. This time the word appears all green just as it appears in my own stream. But, if I refresh the page that effect disappears and goes back to the form shown in the second image.

If there is no technical reason why not, is it possible to make the "Awesome" tags appear all green when I have clicked them no matter which stream I am viewing?

September 12, 2013

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Yeah, I've noticed that too. It's an interesting bug.

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