tu e vocÊ

to add some more confusion: my pt stems from Cabo Verde where they speak basically pt pt but nowadays it is chic to use the brazilian telenovela expressions. so being polite we use voce and adressing an older or esteemed person we use a senhora...otherwise we use tu, that is, we dont use tu but say podes me explicar, venhs a the brazilian telenovelas they use voce even among friends and family.

September 12, 2013


just to add a curiosity, through times we compressed this expression:

vossa mercê = voismecê = você

It is not official (yet) but we already say (but don't write) just "CÊ" - this can be notice in brazilian telenovelas as well - and we usually type "VC" to abbreviate in internet and informal texts.

Tu is very polite in brazil, almost weird (except at south region), but we all use você as the popular (informal) one. Senhor/senhora is very used for older people, married persons and authorities.

September 29, 2013

Thanks for pointing that out!! As novelas brasileiras têm agregado muitas gírias, expressões e palavras a outras variantes do Português! É interessante saber disso... que vocês 'importaram' você, o/a senhor(a) e outras palavras e ver que acham isso "chic". Onde eu moro muitos dizem "chic?" quando encontram alguém... é como se dissessem "tudo bem?"

September 12, 2013

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